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JSC «Zvezda»
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  JSC «Zvezda»

   The «Zvezda» works was started in Leningrad in 1932 as a public company producing manufacturing goods for the public needs. In 1993 the public company «Zvezda» Association was reorganized into the Joint-Stock Company «Zvezda». The founder is the State Property Control Committee.
   The main activities are:
Construction development, manufacture and realization of lightweight high-speed diesel engines, diesel-generator plants and spare parts to them, maintenance and repair services.
   At present more than 200 modifications of diesel engines designed and manufactured by JSC «Zvezda» are successfully operating in various branches of national economy and in war industry.
   Spare parts to diesel engines make up to 8-13 % of annual production. The company provides with spare parts its own manufacturing installations and operation installations in Russia and abroad.
   Services, including warranty and post-warranty maintenance, is represented in the largest regions of Russia and abroad (in the regions of diesel production concentration).
   Other industrial activities, including casting, forging and machining the parts by industrial order and repairing the diesel engines can make up to 10 % of total commodity output.
   Manufacturing stability is provided owing to exporting the products. The export share stays about 30…50 % of total sales volume. The company's diesel engines are operating in 40 countries of the world and in the countries of the former USSR.
   Experimental design departments of JSC «Zvezda» are continually working on improving the technical level of the quantity production and creating new modifications with improved consumer qualities. The strategic task of a company is to keep and to expand the occupied market segments. At present they are shipbuilding, rail transport, industrial facilities and mobile power industry.
   The company possesses a necessary basis for that aim, foundry and forging, and uses up-to-date equipment and technologies. As an engineering industry company, «Zvezda» disposes of all types of manufacture.