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JSC «CDB Neptune»
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  JSC «Central Design Bureau Neptune»

   The Central Design Bureau "Neptune" was set up in 1947 to design and build small tonnage vessels. In January 1992 the enterprise was transformed into a close Joint Stock Company "Central Design Bureau Neptune".
   Since 1975 the Central Design Bureau has been designing air cushion vessels.
   The Central Design Bureau set up two international ship companies, operating air cushion boats: one ship company in the U.S.A. and the other in China.
   The production complex of the Central Design Bureau comprises a design bureau and shipyard, where they build all prototypes of small boats, designed by the Central Design Bureau, including a small number of air cushion crafts.
   The Central Design Bureau disposes of a good production, control and marketing system of its ready made output.
   The Bureau carries out R & D work jointly with a number of research institutes. All this is carried out to meet the most exacting requirements of all clients.
   Highly skilled specialists, including managers, designers, engineers and workers, represent the most valuable assets of the company. Life goes on and only constant improvements of current and new generation products can meet the requirements of the developing market.