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JSC «Redan»
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  JSC «Redan»

   The oldest enterprise in area of boat shipbuilding JSC "Redan" is located in picturesque place of St.-Petersburg, where Large Nevka runs into the Finnish gulf. In 1901 here was founded by the enthusiast of water - motor sports mister A.L. Zolotov the first in Russia" The boat St.-Petersburg shipyard of motor courts". This shipyard has turned in well known in former Soviet Union and abroad Central Design Bureau (in a consequence JSC) "Redan", and now JSC "Redan".
   The high scientific potential of the enterprise combining scientific and industrial technologies, close creative communication with advanced institutes of the branch, adjacent industries, have allowed to find correct technical decisions in development of new boats. High scientific and technical potential of the enterprises combining scientific and industrial technologies allows to decide the main task - creation of boats of new generation of the equally satisfying requirement both external, and internal markets.